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Who Is Kim Kardashian Dating?

Who Is Kim Kardashian Dating?


If you’ve got ever wondered about Kim Kardashian’s love life, you are not alone. The reality TV star-turned-business mogul has all the time managed to create a buzz together with her relationships, flings, and marriages. From high-profile romances to whirlwind love affairs, Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of memorable partnerships. So, who’s Kim Kardashian relationship currently? Let’s explore her relationship historical past and find out!

From Look here Reggie Bush to Kanye West: Kim’s Love Life

Kim Kardashian’s journey through romance has been something however strange. From her early years as a socialite to her rise to fame on the earth of actuality TV, Kim has all the time been the center of attention. Let’s take a better take a glance at a variety of the notable individuals who’ve captured her coronary heart:

1. Reggie Bush: The Football Star

In her early days, Kim Kardashian dated Detroit Lions football star Reggie Bush. Their relationship began in 2007 and lasted on and off for a quantity of years. The couple made headlines with their glamorous appearances and have been usually seen attending high-profile occasions collectively. However, their busy schedules eventually led to a split in 2010.

2. Kris Humphries: The Short-Lived Marriage

One of the most talked-about relationships in Kim Kardashian’s relationship history was her transient marriage to NBA participant Kris Humphries. They started dating in 2010, obtained engaged in May 2011, and tied the knot in a lavish ceremony later that year. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted solely seventy two days earlier than Kardashian filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable variations.

3. Kanye West: The Power Couple

Kim Kardashian’s most well-known relationship to date has been with rapper Kanye West. The couple began relationship in 2012 and got engaged in October 2013. They tied the knot in a star-studded marriage ceremony in Florence, Italy, in May 2014. Together, they’ve 4 kids – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. However, after seven years of marriage, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021.

Kim’s Current Dating Status

After her high-profile divorce, the burning question on everyone’s mind is, who is Kim Kardashian relationship now? As of now, Kim has not publicly introduced any new romantic relationships. She is specializing in herself, her companies, and being a mother to her four kids. While rumors about potential suitors continue to circulate, Kim is preserving her personal life private and taking time to heal.


Kim Kardashian’s dating history is full of ups and downs, whirlwind romances, and high-profile partnerships. From her early relationship with Reggie Bush to her marriage and subsequent divorce from Kanye West, Kim has all the time captivated the common public’s consideration along with her love life. As for now, Kim Kardashian is taking a break from relationship and specializing in herself and her family. However, figuring out her history, it will not be long earlier than we see her making headlines once more with a brand new love curiosity. Until then, let’s keep tuned for the following chapter in Kim Kardashian’s courting journey!


1. Who is Kim Kardashian dating?
Currently, Kim Kardashian just isn’t relationship anybody. She filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021 after being married for almost seven years.

2. Who was Kim Kardashian’s first husband?
Kim Kardashian’s first husband was Damon Thomas. They received married in 2000 and their marriage resulted in divorce in 2004.

3. Did Kim Kardashian date Kanye West?
Yes, Kim Kardashian dated Kanye West. After an in depth friendship, they formally began dating in 2012, obtained engaged in 2013, and received married in 2014.

4. Who are some of Kim Kardashian’s earlier boyfriends?
Before her marriage to Kanye West, Kim Kardashian had several notable relationships. She dated Ray J, with whom she appeared in the notorious "intercourse tape," and went on so far Reggie Bush, an NFL participant. She additionally had relationships with NFL player Miles Austin, mannequin Gabriel Aubry, and NBA participant Kris Humphries.

5. Is Kim Kardashian relationship anyone after her divorce from Kanye West?
As of now, there isn’t a news or affirmation of Kim Kardashian relationship anybody after her divorce from Kanye West. She has been focusing on her children, businesses, and private growth following her divorce.

6. Is Kim Kardashian relationship a billionaire?
As of present data, there isn’t a confirmation or proof to counsel that Kim Kardashian is dating a billionaire. While she has been linked to rich individuals prior to now, there is no public knowledge of her relationship someone particularly identified as a billionaire.

7. Are there any rumors of Kim Kardashian dating other celebrities?
There are at all times rumors circulating about celebrities, and Kim Kardashian is not any exception. However, as of now, there are not any confirmed rumors about Kim Kardashian courting any specific celebrities, and it is tough to separate reality from fiction because of the constant hypothesis surrounding her private life.